Are you a busy professional who doesn’t have time to edit your assignments or prepare them for your clients? Do you have difficulty editing your own work?

As your personal photo editor, I help you plan your photo shoot; direct you while you are in the field, if needed; edit your images as you shoot, or after your coverage is complete; and prepare a showing of final selects for your client.

When you want to create a book, exhibit, or other multimedia project, I guide you from the planning stages all the way through production and release. If you need advice on one particular stage, no problem, I will guide you. And if you need help finding a publisher or place for your exhibit, I have many ideas and contacts to lead the way.

photographs by Bob Krist

Are you new to the editorial publishing or museum/gallery worlds, just starting out in the photography business, or a student of photography with personal projects?

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Your own personal Photo Editor, with over 38 years National Geographic experience, to edit your single takes or projects and present them to a publisher or company while you are in the field or studio working on the next project, or you are just overwhelmed and can’t afford to hire full-time staff

Additional site to showcase your work and link to your site

Guidance on creating new projects for books, multimedia, or exhibits, along with shepherding the project from beginning to end, including organizing and assigning

Portfolio consultation on preparation and presentation

Future assignment and stock sale possibilities

Connection to getting published, exhibited

Web services – consultations on your existing website, updating, or creating new sites with our web architect/designer

photographs by Bob Krist

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