Are you new to the editorial publishing or museum/gallery worlds, just starting out in the photography business, or a student of photography with personal projects? Find out who is your audience and how to reach them. Learn what your potential is and how to market it.

As your personal mentor, I help you edit your images, provide guidance on your portfolios and websites, and guide you towards a direction appropriate for your work or career.

When you want to create a book, exhibit, or other multimedia project, I guide you from the planning stages all the way through production and release. I provide advice on particular stages, if needed or desired. And if you need help finding a publisher or place for your exhibit, I have many ideas and contacts to lead the way.

Professional advice on where to take your work and/or career

Portfolio consultation on preparation and presentation

Web services –creating new sites with our web architect/designer, consultations on your existing website, or updating it

Additional site to showcase your work and link to your site

Your own personal National Geographic Photo Editor to edit your work

Guidance on creating new projects for books, multimedia, or exhibits, along with shepherding the project from beginning to end

Future assignment and stock sale possibilities

Connection to getting published, exhibited

"I learned more in one week about assignment landing and story execution then I did during all of my time at college. Linda was easy going very approachable and funny. Most of all she was positive. It was a tremendous week for me personally. I wish I had taken her class a long time ago and I am waiting to do her advance level when she offers it."

Alicia Earle Renner
AERphotography Inc.

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