For any project you have, whether it’s for a printed piece, website, multimedia, or exhibit, I will find the best photographer/s for the job within your budget. I will direct the photo shoot, edit the take, make the final selections for the project, and coordinate the production through release. If you prefer to use stock, then I will use my worldwide sources for the best images to fit your needs, whether current or historical.

I will advise you on the best choices for how to produce and complete your project with the highest standards.

photographs by Richard Olsenius

Your own personal Photo Editor, with over 38 years National Geographic experience, to locate and assign photographers for your projects, edit their takes, and make a final presentation to your staff

Stock searches made for existing images from a growing list of worldwide contacts

Clients are linked to their sites

Guidance on creating new projects for books, multimedia, exhibits, or events along with shepherding the project from beginning to end, including organizing, assigning, editing, and preparing for production

Web services – consultations on your existing website, updating, or creating new sites with our web architect/designer

photographs by Richard Olsenius

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