Photo By: Kris LeBoutillier
Linda, with decades of experience at National Geographic Traveler, works with her photographers to get the best possible images so that both the magazine--and the photographer--look their best. From our numerous occasions working together, she always acted as both a mentor and editor with a precise eye for what the managing editor, art director and publisher needed to create a story that was both visually beautiful and unique in the world of publishing.

Kris LeBoutillier

I worked with Linda for almost ten years at Traveler and what a pleasure it was. Linda was always respectful, kind, and encouraging; plus, she has a great eye. You know if you shot two hundred frames, she would find the one perfect moment.

Catherine Karnow, photographer

Catherine Karnow
Photo By: Catherine Karnow

Photo By: Susan Seubert
I have been working with Linda Meyerriecks as my photo editor at National Geographic for over five years. We have collaborated on a range of projects from longer term features to smaller, more independent stories. Because of her vast experience, Linda has realistic yet unambiguous expectations. She never shies away from pushing the envelope to ensure that we always end up with the best visual material. She has stood as my unwavering supporter while I'm in the field, always at the ready to blaze whatever trails are necessary for me to get the job done. Enthusiastic and an absolute pleasure to work with, Linda is one of my most treasured clients.

Susan Seubert

I've worked with Linda Meyerriecks for many years and she has my complete faith in her professional skills to take ideas, images and stories to their completion. And best of all, she is incredibly fun to work with. What more can you ask for?

Richard Olsenius
Photo By: Richard Olsenius

Photo By: David McLain

"I have worked for Linda Meyerriecks on several continents over the years and have enjoyed every single minute of it. Linda combines the highly trained eye of a world class editor with a laid back and likable personality. Its hard to say enough good things about her either personally or professionally."

-David Mclain

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